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Discover, download and safely use the latest dApps


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Discover the latest collections, buy and sell your NFTs

Atomic Swaps

Swap cryptocurrencies from two different blockchains in a decentralized manner


Use over 9 networks, no more need for multiple wallets

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Virgo Store

The safest place to find the dApps you love.

Our decentralized AppStore permits you to browse a list of
dApps, and download them in a safe and decentralized manner.
Made to be easy, it will protect you from being scammed, while
simplifying your interactions with the crypto world.

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Download our wallet and securely access to the decentralized web.


Anyone can publish its App, whatever it is. No restricting rules to follow.


Say goodbye to downtimes thanks to it's decentralized nature.


Shows only the necessary to beginners, gives full control to experts.

Our ecosystem

Introducing Virgo Ledger

We are creating our own distributed ledger technology. A high performance, scalable, DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) structured, EVM compatible and secure smart-contract platform. Interoperable, it is made to reassemble every blockchain.

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The VGO token

VGO is the main token of the Virgo network. VGO is used for payments, for fees, for swap on Virgo Swap and for our stacking program on Virgo Farm (31% APR)

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Contact us: contact@virgocoin.io

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