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A scalable, secured & decentralized
blockchain protocol for Web 3.0

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Unifying blockchains

Decentralization means many different blockchains, and each has its own interesting features and projects. That's why we believe in a multi-chain future, and are actively working on a way to link them together. A project shouldn't have to choose between two ecosystem, but benefit from the uniqueness of each!

Groundbreaking technology

Thanks to it's unique approach, Virgo Wallet is solving many problems that have held back blockchains for so long, all in one place and without compromising.


Virgo Ledger is DAG-based, meaning that transactions don't need to be included in a block to be confirmed. Thus, it can handle 10,000+ transactions per seconds, scaling as the hardware gets faster. Never worry again about costs, transactions will remain cheap, forever.


Virgo Ledger works without central entity. Anyone can setup it's own node in minutes and independently confirm transactions, making it censorship-resistant. Your transactions are safe and eternal.


Transactions are settled and double-spending is prevented by using Proof-Of-Work, the most battle-tested algorithm introduced by Bitcoin in 2009. Anyone can earn by securing the network, with minimal hardware investments.

Blockchain ready

ASIC resistant

Our PoW algorithm is RandomX. Introduced by Monero in 2019, it is preserving decentralization by making mining on common hardware profitable.

Solving the Trilemma

Our unique technology is combining DAG and classical blockchains to offer a ledger that is scalable, secured and decentralized; Solving the blockchain trilemma.

EVM compatible

Virgo Ledger is EVM-compatible, meaning you can deploy smart contracts on it, even if they were initially made for Ethereum. Port your dApps in a few minutes and for almost nothing.

Our roadmap

Our amazing team is fuzing with ideas, making us busy for the years to come. Check out what we are working on at the moment!

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Eagle, our first testnet

In december 2021, we tested a first version of Virgo Ledger with our community. With more than 1,500 testers, its been a huge success that permitted us to gather the data needed to continue the development of our technology, while proving that our concept is working.

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