Quarter Report #1

July – September 2021

I hope you had a great summer! Communication was discreet during the summer, but the project’s development has never been faster! In this blog, we will explain what we have implemented and improved during these three months. We will take this opportunity to make important announcements for the future of the project.

In July, we ran our first private testnet; this exercise aimed to test and improve our cryptocurrency technology. For this, thirty volunteers used our software in different ways. Thanks to our testers, we were able to make significant improvements to our cryptocurrency so that it is now ready for a public beta.

Thus, our testnet wallet will be available on our website on October 26. The goal here is to test our tech on a larger scale and collect more information to identify its weaknesses, whether at the codebase level or simplicity of use. We will invite you to share your opinion, which is very important to us.

This one will be only available on Windows, and its features remain fundamental. Still, a wallet in the form of a web extension is coming soon! Even easier to use and available on all platforms, it will also serve as a basis for our decentralized applications.

We promised you important announcements; Here are more!

The VGO token will be officially available on PancakeSwap on October 12! 10 BNB for 160 000 VGO in liquidity will be added and locked, which gives it a price of ~0.25 cents per VGO. Team tokens will also be locked for six months.

In addition to PancakeSwap, we will soon deploy VGO on other exchange platforms, do not hesitate to follow us on Twitter to stay informed!

We are also announcing the beta version of the Reward Center on October 19. For those who never heard of it, it’s a win-win system! You earn VGOs by achieving simple communication jobs, and we gain visibility! Invite your friends and earn even more VGOs. It’s simple, accessible, and fast! Another article will be published when the Reward Center comes out, detailing how it works.

To be informed of our overall progress on all our projects, follow us on our social networks. We will post regularly so that you are aware of our progress.