The VGO token is now on Binance Smart Chain!

Today is a big day for Virgo as our BEP20 Token is now available! Starting today, you will now be able to hold VGO through the Binance Smart Chain. This operation aims to distribute our crypto (VGO) to users before the launch of the mainnet, scheduled for the end of the year. The total token supply, representing the mainnet’s initial supply, will be 30 032 000 units. Out of these, 3,003,200 VGOs will be freely distributed to the community through various means, like Twitter contests or our upcoming Reward Center!

What is the Reward Center? A little explanation! It’s a simple website where you will directly receive a list of easy-to-achieve goals as soon as you are registered. (Subscription to our socials, Retweet, Sharing, contests, etc.). Once you validate an objective, you receive VGO. It’s that simple. In addition, we offer you a referral system to invite your friends and win more VGO! Such a platform allows us to make Virgo known and will enable you to earn coins. It’s a win-win!

As we launch the mainnet, users will exchange their BSC token for mainnet ones, the BSC tokens being burnt at conversion. This conversion we are done at a 1:1 rate, meaning that any token you earn now is like a real virgocoin!

The token contract on BSC is visible here:

About Virgostore

Virgo wants to create the first platform for the development and distribution of decentralized applications. It will allow developers to easily create and publish their dApps, giving them the benefit of an inclusive ecosystem and high visibility among users already initiated to the technology. This platform called VirgoStore will allow people to discover and use these applications quickly.

About Virgocoin

To make these applications even easier to use, we implement a high-performance cryptocurrency that can be used on a large scale. Thus, users will not have to hold countless different currencies to be able to use these applications. Developers will take advantage of a fluid currency with a large user base to propel their technologies. The Virgo network has a base currency, which will be used to transfer value through the platform. This currency is titled Vigocoin (VGO).