Virgo X Swft Blockchain AMA resume

Virgo Team: Hello everyone! I’m Hugo, founder and CTO of Virgo. It’s a pleasure to be here!

SWFT Team: Hey there Hugo! Welcome to the SWFT Blockchain Telegram community!

So for our first questions, Could you please give us a simple introduction to Virgo?

In short, Virgo is creating a decentralized AppStore to make the distribution of dApps simpler and safer.

To power this platform and the applications on it, we are also creating a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency. Combining a DAG and a classical Proof-Of-Work blockchain, it is scalable to thousands of transactions per second while remaining secure and fully decentralized.

Oh wow, that’s so nice, thanks for letting us know.

Now, for the next question, What’s the motivation for starting to build Virgo?

We find dApps and the crypto industry in general pretty hard to access for casual, non-initiated people. Great projects are dispersed between many technologies and platforms, making themselves hard to find and cumbersome for most users.

In addition to that, we think that it’s paradoxical to create applications that are decentralized to protect users but finally distribute them over centralized means, making a fundamental weakness point. Imagine if pancakeSwap’s main website gets impersonated for a few minutes: The attacker could easily steal dozens of millions from users!

That’s what we want to solve and prevent at Virgo.

that’s impressive! Now, many of us wants to know this…

What are the current achievements of Team?

It’s a pleasure to speak about our project Arvin!

Two weeks ago, we successfully launched our Token on the Binance Smart Chain and already attracted ~800 investors, and built a community of more than 350 people on Telegram! On the business side, we made a strategic partnership with SWFT to make $VGO swappable with more than 300 assets, which is an excellent step towards ease of use.

Finally, on the dev side, we successfully conducted the first private testnet of our blockchain technology. It is now ready for the first public testnet, which will be available in November!

Wow, that’s really good, can’t wait to see your public testnet! so guys follow Virgo at twitter to get updated:

Can be swapped with 300+ crypto in 40+ blockchains! πŸ”₯ Will be available for VGO in few hours!!

Next, from investors ; What are the benefits of long-term $VGO  holding?

$VGO will be the main currency and fuel of our ecosystem. It will permit users to transfer money and pay to use dApps quickly. Apart from the speculative aspect inherent to any asset, we announced a week ago VirgoFarm, our stacking program!

VirgoFarm is a smart contract that will distribute most of $VGO’s supply to holders over more than ten years. With up to 25% APY, we think it is an excellent opportunity to create passive income! It will be available on 4th November, don’t miss it!

That’s nice, buy $VGO on SWFT and then stake on VirgoFarm πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

For the next Q’s ; What are the products that the Virgo team focuses on developing?

We are currently focusing on releasing our testnet by next month and creating an MVP version of our store by the end of the year. We also plan to prototype a first dApp, a fully decentralized chat, like telegram but without centralized servers, further improving privacy!

Thanks for that and before we go over to the next phase of the AMA

can you tell us your future roadmap?

For the upcoming year, our goal is to release our mainnet with smart contract capabilities and release with it a full version of our store. We also target to make more strategic partnerships like this one, with exchanges and other actors of the industry.

Thank you so much for all of that, I’m sure the community learns a lot about Virgo

Now I will ask questions that came from our Twitter community

From: @PKragak ; How secure is your platform to use? Have you done audits of smart contract? What security measures are adopted from bugs of smart contract and hacking?

Hello @PKragak, thanks for the question! Our token has been audited by Dessert Finance, an independent smart contract audit company! You can find the audit link on our Twitter. We also plan to audit and do bug bounty programs with each product we release

Glad to know that your smart contract is audited. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

From: @KiyokoSumaru ; When did the idea to create the project begin? who initiated it? What is the biggest goal that your project has towards the end of 2021? What are your project goals for the next 10 years in the crypto world?

I founded Virgo in late 2019! I’m fond of technology and discovered cryptocurrencies in 2015. After many years of researching on the subject and investing. I had the idea of a blockchain technology that could solve majors problems. and created Virgo after validating that my idea was working as expected!

The decentralized AppStore idea came later, in 2020 when friends started to be interested in cryptocurrencies but first had a hard time dealing with DeFi. As I said before, our goal towards the end of 2021 is to release our first testnet and an MVP of our AppStore.

In the next ten years, we will do our best to make crypto as accessible and widespread as possible!


From: @anhloanvo140999 ; Currently, most projects and platforms are in English. How will project reach non-English local communities. Make it easy for people around the world to use your service. Do you have any plan to develop project in different language?

Hi @anhloanvo140999! Our goal is to make crypto easy for everyone, so you are right: We must make our project accessible to non-English communities.

We plan to make our services available in as many languages as possible, starting with our website and whitepaper in Chinese soon!

right, multi-language is very important nowadays so you can gain access on wider user base.

From: @Alsadik90525800 ; How can I buy this tokens? Is it available on any exchange?

Our token, $VGO, is available right now on PancakeSwap! The link is accessible on our website,

We are also currently negotiating with centralized exchanges and plan to list Virgo on some before the end of the year!

And a last one:

From: @FaisolFivesouls ; Community is important for the progress of a project. How many users are currently using the Virgo platform? And What’s the future plan to increase Virgo users?

In two weeks, we attracted ~800 investors and future users!

To increase this number, we plan to build great products that have a real purpose, and so that are attractive to users. We will also do more and more marketing as our project develops, because a great product is nothing if no one knows about it!

Thank you for answering all of that @praxls. That is all the questions that we have today! is there anything else that you want to share with the community?

Thank everyone for listening! If you want to read more about our project you can check our website,

and join us on Telegram,