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dApps Store

Discover, download and safely use the latest dApps


Follow your tokens prices and latest news in one click


Discover the latest collections, buy and sell your NFTs

Atomic Swaps

Swap cryptocurrencies from two different blockchains in a decentralized manner


Use over 9 networks, no more need for multiple wallets

Private and secure

Only you can access your assets; No registration, no data collection

Buy with Fiat

Buy your favorite tokens using your credit card, directly from the wallet

Web3 ready

Connect your wallet to any Web 3.0 website in one click

Easily access 12+

Your favorites networks integrated to your wallet.
Switch between blockchains without managing multiple apps, focus on your goals.

Integrated atomic swaps

Swap any assets between two different blockchains, in a trustless and decentralized manner.
No more need for a centralized exchange spying on you. No KYC, no limits, no worries.

dApp Store

Discover new dApps, download and use them safely, without leaving Virgo Wallet. Thanks to our decentralized dApps store, no more need to bookmark dApps websites, and no more risk of being scammed.

Web3 Ready

Connect Virgo Wallet to your favorite Web3 apps and unlock the true power of blockchains, in one click.

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